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What Does Love Mean?

Love carries many different meanings in different scenarios and for different people. It can be so complex, but it can be so simple. 

In an effort to articulate thoughts on the big topic of love, I would say the core of love embodies ultimate happiness, acceptance, freedom, joy, peace, and well-being which can be felt, seen, received, and given. From books, videos, music, and quotes, to more, I’m sharing some of my favorite content about love on this page. <3 

  What is Love?

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  • Video About Love by Aperture

    Love has many definitions, some of which include, “an intense feeling of deep affection, a great interest and pleasure in something, and to like or enjoy very much.” This video explores greek words for love such as agape (brotherly love, charity, altruism), eros (physical and intimate love), philia (affectionate regard and friendship), storge (familial love), philautía (self-love), and xenia (hospitality).