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Love is Many Things Love is Everything Good, Free, Peaceful, and Joyful

Love carries many different meanings in different scenarios and for different people. It can be so complex, but it can be so simple.  At times I have had to evaluate what is most important to me and what I wish for myself and for the world. Love, joy (happiness), and peace always come to mind. From books, videos, music, and quotes, to more, I’m sharing some of my favorite content about love on this page. <3 

What is Love? Video About Love by Aperture

This video explores greek words for love such as agape (brotherly love, charity, altruism), eros (physical and intimate love), philia (affectionate regard and friendship), storge (familial love), philautía (self-love), and xenia (hospitality). 

Universal Love Video About Universal Consciousness and Love from Gaia

Love Videos, Music, Art, and More Explore - Enjoy - Share

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YouTube Videos About Love