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Emilyann Allen = Bestselling author and award winning designer

welcome to my website

the intent of my work, my projects, and this website is to inspire and encourage 🙂

I love to create and share all kinds of things! From writing, art, design, videos, and modeling, to photography, I like to play with many mediums and try new things. Some of my projects include Coloring Novels™, Amazon Best-Selling Obsidian Series fantasy books, producing online content, sharing research, and sharing content I love from others as well. It all brings me happiness and motivation and I hope it brings you excitement and inspiration as well. My biggest hope is to do good in the world, be happy, and see others happy too. As you read this I am sending you good vibes and wishing you so much happiness and a blessed day! <3

Emilyann Allen Fantasy Books Author

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