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Vestige of Credence

Vestige of Credence

* An Epic Fantasy Story in a World of Only Sea and Sky *

3D Rendered Underwater Fantasy Landscape

What is Vestige of Credence?

What is Vestige of Credence? It’s the first full length book written by Emilyann Girdner. Emilyann is planning big evolutions for the concept and style (for example, her vision has become more focused on just fantasy without the science fiction flare the story currently has), but she decided to begin publishing the original version on her blog so that those interested in her writing would have an early glimpse. Currently Emilyann is focused on finishing the Obsidian Series, so Vestige of Credence will be re-worked and potentially published in book form after she finishes the Obsidian Series. 

Important legal disclosure: Please know that Vestige of Credence is still Emilyann Girdner’s original work, so ideas are appreciated, but they are freely given knowing Emilyann still holds the copyright to the final story even if ideas are incorporated. 

Vestige of Credence Summary:

Author: Emilyann Girdner
Editor: Bonnie Varble

In a world of only sea and sky, a young Basalt woman living in the depths of the ocean is caught up in a struggle between her people and the powerful Cumulus race. Ellara has been assigned to obtain a teleportation device from the Cumulus territory located in the sky, which could be used to find aid on other planets. But she hopes to obtain more than just the device from Cumulus territory, her true mission is to regain someone close to her whom the Cumulus hold prisoner. The odds are not in favor of Ellara and the Basalt, but their resolve is strong.

You can read Vestige of Credence for free as it becomes available on Emilyann’s blog. Just start at the beginning using the table of contents…


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